98th Infantry Division, WW II

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  98th Infantry Division in Training  - Out of Print

  History of the 389th Inf. Reg. in World War 2 - Out of Print

  The History of the 391st Infantry - Out of Print

  368th  Kentucky to Japan  - Out of Print

Photographs by Detachment No. 9, 3925 Signal Photo Company

  98th Division, "Iroquois" 50 Years of Service - Out of Print

  Professional on Review 1981  - Out of Print

Proud and Ready 1995  - Out of Print

 Strength in Reserve  The 98th Infantry Division in WW II

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Commands, 98th Infantry Division- reprints maybe available from Publisher

   Index to the General Orders 98th Inf. Division

Copies available :  D-Day Militaria , 733 Hazlett Ave., Brackenridge, Pa 15014

  An Encounter With History: The 98th Division (Institutional Training) And The Global War On Terrorism 2001-2005 - Available thru Amazon,com

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(The following from the National Archives and Records Admin., College Park Md.)

U.S. Army Forces Middle Pacific and Predessor Commands Dec. 7, 1941 - Sept. 2,1945 Special Staff U.S. Army, Historical Division  HUSAFMIDPAC

  • History of Chemical Warfare Service in the Middle Pacific Vol. IV & V
  • History of G-3 Section Vol. I & II
  • History of G-5 Section Vol. I
  • Brief of Exercises, Second Army Maeuver #3 Record Group 337, Stack 390, Row 59, Box 7-G
  • Army Ground Forces ( AGF Training) G-3 Section, Record Group 337. Box No.2
  • Training Reports, 98th Div. Record Group 338, 290-71-2, Box 1222