98th Infantry Division, WW II



391st Infantry Regiment - Passing in review Camp Breckinridge, Ky

Celebrating July 4th at Camp Breckinridge, Ky

98th Division Baseball Team

389th Inf. 1st Bn. HQ's Co. - Camp Rucker ?

top - Antimo G. Silva w/2 buddies from the 389th

389th Inf. 1st Bn., Headquarters Co.  - Officers - Japan

389th Inf. 1st Bn., Headquarters Co. - Enlisted - Japan

Mortar Platoon, "E" Co. 391st Inf.

98th Division, Dance Orchestra, Horn Section

Mess Hall

390th Inf., "M" Co. - Party

The Cast of the "War-Hoops of 1944"  391st Infantry

May 28, 1945, Ft. Shafter Oahu, T.H.
Pfc. Leon Puzzio, Co,. E of the 391st Inf. entertaining troops at the Signal Corps area

The 14 Hawks - 391st Inf.
"Best in the Orient"

391st & 98th Division Staff Officers reviewing the Troops

Gen. Harper presenting "Expert Infantry Unit Streamers"  - Hawaii

Wakayama  Landing

Wakayama Landing

Taisho Airfield



Caption:   7 Dec 1945,  Men of the 391st Inf. Reg.., Co. I, 98th Inf. Div., supervise the unloading of one of the caves which was used to as a storehouse for Jap munitions of all types. (L to R) Cpl. Milton Rohleday, Pfc. Alfred School, Pfc. Manuel Deunas, S/Sgt. James A. Fitch

98th Division Headquarters  - Osaka, Japan

Caption:  1/9/46  Secretary of War Robert Patterson ( left), Major General Roscoe B. Woodruff ( Center) Brig. Gen. James T. Loome, CG, 98th Division, pause he playing of the National Anthem, in front of I Corps  Hqs. Osaka, The Secretary received the compliments of elements of the 391st Inf., 98th Division, and the 33rd Division Band.

     Bob Hope and Frances Landford                              Jerry Colona

1944 Bob Hope Show at Camp Paukukalo, Maui

View from the crowd - Bob Hope show

Victory Club - USO - Honolulu

1st Platoon "E" Co. - 391st Inf.- Hawaii

390th Inf. Dance Orchestra

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